Dancing girls - video 2

Dancing Girls is the second single from Rogov Tourist.

“Dancing Girls” is the second single from the “Tourist“ EP. 

Its inception sprang to life one summer evening from the fifteenth floor of a high-rise apartment off Toronto’s Yonge Street, says ROGOV. “I was walking home past a book shop and saw in the window a book called ‘The Crazy Horse Saloon.’ 

Le Crazy Horse de Paris (Crazy Horse Saloon) is a Parisian cabaret known for its diverse range of stage shows, including magic, variety, jugglers, mimes, and most notably, burlesque. 

“Initially, I’d mistaken it for a book about saloons and horses, but it was about anything and everything but. I was curious and bought it; it was gregarious and inspired the pulse, writing, theme, and sonic fabric of “Dancing Girls.” 

This pulsating, body slammin’ beat-driven ear-worm is intended to entice you into the world of make-believe, if only for three minutes and change... 

Mistakes Are Beautiful - video 1

Mistakes are Beautiful kicks off Rogov Tourist with a Panoramic Video that sets his existential musing against a scenic backdrop.


ROGOV’s ‘Mistakes are Beautiful’  song and video showcase his return to Prince Edward County in Ontario, Canada. 

His first release, ‘Mistakes are Beautiful,’ is from his upcoming EP ’Tourist.’ 

The feel-good vibes started the minute he'd walked into Toronto’s Number Nine Studio… “it was a homecoming long overdue”. 

...A solo artist who has shared the stage with luminaries such as Talking Heads, The B-52’s, The Pretenders, Rockpile, and Elvis Costello. 

“ROGOV, I loved the track. Your audio mix was thoughtful and complicated; extremely interesting w/ repeating VOX in stereo/quad & surround sound. 

“Mistakes are Beautiful” is a visual work of modern film art. Beautifully shot and edited. Steve McQueen's late 60s chic desert cool. 

Well done collaboration.” 

- Alannah Myles  7.27.2020 


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